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About Us
New Power Industrial Ltd is Hong Kong Based Enterprise Founded in 1986 Factory was established in mainland China in Year 1991 now named JIANGMEN M F B S Machinery Ltd and JIANGMEN M F B S Adhesive Technology Limited We are Lead Supplier of Heat Sealable Tapes Seam Sealing Tapes Hot Melt Adhesive Films Seamless Laminating Materials which are exclusively used in various industries such as garments shoes bags and etc Our products have different series and specifications for your different needs

Categories and Products

Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape

PTFE Seam Sealing Tape

Reinforced Decorative Tape

Hot Melt Adhesive Films

3- Lyer Seam Sealing Tape

Decorative Film

Reflective Film

Waterproof Zipper Sealing Tapes

Plastic-dotted Tape

Products Keywords
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Thickness TapeZipper Tape AustraliaTape for Sewing Seams0.45MM Thickness TapeTpu Hot Melt AdhesiveOne- way stretch tapeWaterproof Zipper TapeReflective Silver FilmDouble Sided Seam TapePocket Decorative FilmPTFE Seam Sealing TapeWhite Lycra Faric TapeDecorative Sticky TapePEVA Seam Sealing TapeSealing Tape for DoorsSealing Tape for PipesStrong Waterproof TapeSeam Sealing Tape BlueArmy Yellow Color TapeSeam Tape for ClothingHot Melt Seam Seal TapeSealing Tape Home Depot3plyr Seam Sealing TapeWaterproof Masking TapeHot Melt adhesive filmsWaterproof Sealing Tape0.1mm Lycra Fabric TapeSealing Tape WaterproofSeam Reinforcement TapeDecorative Masking TapeBlack Lycra Fabric Tape0.32MM Seam Sealing TapePVC High Reflective FilmEco-Friendly Zipper TapeSeamless Decorative FilmFlex Tape Heat ResistantColorful Tpu Zipper TapeAmazon Seam Sealing TapeOrdinary Reflective FilmWaterproof Sealing TapesWaterproof Adhesive TapeOne-way Stretch Seam Ape20MM Pattern Zipper TapeSealing Tape for WindowsColorful Decorative Film0.15M Pattern Zipper TapeSeam Seal Tape WaterproofAdhesive Fabric Seam TapeDurable Lycra Fabric TapeSealing Tapes for WindowsHeat Seal Tape For Fabric3- Lyer Seam Sealing TapeIron On Seam Sealing TapeOne-Way Stretch Seam TapeSealing Tape for Plumbing3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeHot Air Seam Sealing TapeSpecial Lycra Fabric TapeAuto Body Seam Sealer TapeSeam Sealing Tape Hot MeltWashable Lycra Fabric Tape3- Layer Seam Sealing TapeAntibacterial Sealing TapeClothing Seam Sealing TapeSeam Sealing Tape for Sale3 Layer Seam Sealing TapesReinforced Decorative TapeSealing Tapes Carbon Fiber25MM Width TPU Zipper TapeHot Melt Lycra Fabric Tapehigh bonding strength tapeDurable Plastic-Dotted TapeSeam Sealing Tape SuppliersSeam Sealer Tape AutomotiveNon-woven Seam Sealing TapeWaterproof Jacket Seam TapeSeam Sealer Tape ApplicatorWaterproof Seam Tape SewingWhite Color Decorative FilmSeam Sealing Tape AustraliaMatt Hot Melt Adhesive FilmBlack Color Decorative Film0.15MM Strong Adhesive FilmArmy Yellow Color Seam TapeSky Blue TPU Non-woven TapeAutomotive Seam Sealer Tape500MM Width Reflective Film30MM Width Neon Zipper TapeSuper Waterproof Zipper TapeSeam Sealing Tape Zip SystemWhite Hot Melt Adhesive FilmSeam Sealing Tape WaterproofWaterproof Double Sided TapeSuper Strong Waterproof TapeSeam Sealing Tape For FabricPure Black Seam Sealing TapeGrey Color Seam Sealing TapeAutomotive Seam Sealing TapeSnow White Seam Sealing TapeSilver Color Decorative FilmAbsorb Light Reflective FilmWaterproof Seam Sealing TapeHot Melt Plastic-dotted TapeWhite Color for Seam SealingWhite Color Seam Sealing Tapehigh elasticity adhesive filmRainbow Zipper Tape AustraliaSelf Adhesive Waterproof TapeWater repellent adhesive film0.05MM Hot Melt Adhesive FilmTPU 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeColorful Washable Zipper TapeBlack Color Seam Sealing TapeBlack Color 3 Layer Seam TapeFilm for Anti-splashing Water0.12MM Hot Melt Adhesive FilmSeam Sealer Tape for ClothingAnti- yellowing adhesive filmBlack Color Lycra Fabric TapeSeam Sealing Tape TemperatureMedical Clothing Sealing TapeEco-friendly Lycra Fabric TapeSeam Sealing Tape for ClothingSeam Sealing Tape Where to Buy20MM Width Pattern Zipper Tape3 Layer PTFE Seam Sealing TapeWaterproof Patch and Seal TapeSeam Sealing Tape For RaincoatPTFE 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeWaterproof Tape For Tent SeamsGrey Durable Lycra Fabric Tape10MM Width One-way Stretch ApeGrey Color Plastic-Dotted TapeThickness Water Resistant Tape0.1MM Grey Plastic-dotted TapeDecorative Plastic-dotted TapeSpecial Reflective Silver FilmSeam Sealing Tape for BackpackGrey Washable Lycra Fabric TapeWaterproof Zipper Sealing TapesShoes Special Lycra Fabric Tape500MM Width PVC Reflective FilmBlack Special Lycra Fabric TapeEVA Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape0.15MM Special Lycra Faric TapeAntibacterial Seam Sealing TapeBlack Color Plastic-dotted TapeBlack One-Way Stretch Seam TapeColorful Reflective Zipper TapeSeamless Pocket Decorative FilmHot Melt Adhesive Film for LogoSeam Sealing Tapes for Clothing40MM Width Washable Zipper Tape0.3MM Sealing Tape for ClothingWashable Hot Melt Adhesive FilmSelf Adhesive Seam Sealing TapeTransparent Pattern Zipper Tape0.1MM Special Lycra Fabric TapeWhite Special Lycra Fabric Tape0.15MM Thickness Reflective Film0.12MM Thickness TPU Zipper Tape20MM Width TPU Seam Sealing TapeBlue Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape0.25MM 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeSky Blue Color Seam Sealing TapeProtective Clothing Sealing Tape0.15MM Durable Lycra Fabric Tape0.35MM 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeReflective Film For Satety ShoesGrey Decorative 3 Layer Seam TapeBreathable 3ply Seam Sealing TapeGrey Color PTFE Seam Sealing TapeCloth Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeYellow Color One-Way Stretch TapeDouble Sided Seam Tape for SewingJual Seam Sealing Tape Waterproof0.12MM Thickness Neon Zipper TapeLow Temperature Seam Sealing TapeSpecial 3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape20MM Width Decorative Zipper Tape0.15MM Hot Melt Lycra Fabric TapeStrong Adhesive Lycra Fabric Tape40MM Width Reflective Zipper TapeSuper Strong Plastic-dotted Tapes0.1MM Durable Plastic-dotted TapeOne-way Stretch Seam Sealing Tape0.15MM Thickness Lycra Fabric Tape0.45MM Thickness Seam Sealing TapeZipper Tape Cropped Coaches JacketArmy Green Color Seam Sealing Tape0.35MM Thickness Seam Sealing Tape20MM Width Cloth Seam Sealing TapeWaterproof Seam Tape for Rain GearBlack Breathable Seam Sealing TapeAdhesive 3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape0.05MM Width Special Hot Melt FilmWaterproof Tape For Clothing SeamsBlack Color PTFE Seam Sealing TapeBlack Hot Melt Plastic-Dotted TapeGrey Fabric Tape for Yoga ClothingReflective Film for Police UniformDouble-side Hot Melt Adhesive FilmWhite Adhesive Film for SportswearOne-way Stretch Seam Sealing Tapes0.25MM Thickness Seam Sealing TapeBlack Color Waterproof Zipper Tape0.1MM Hot Melt Plastic-dotted TapeTransparent Adhesive Film for Logo0.15M Thickness Pattern Zipper TapeGold Color Seamless Decorative Film0.2MM Thickness PVC Reflective FilmReflective Film for Safety ClothingColorful Zipper Tape for DecorationWater Resistant Plastic Dotted Tape0.05MM Width Hot Melt Adhesive Film0.16MM Thickness TPU Non-woven TapeNeon Zipper Tape of Strong AdhesiveDecorative Film for Seamless Pocket500MM Width Specail Reflective FilmBlack Color Shoes Lycra Fabric TapeMedical Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeSpecial Lycra Fabric Tape for Diving20mm Transparent Pattern Zipper TapeSeam Seal Tape For Laminated FabricsCustomized 3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape0.1MM Thickness One-way Stretch TapeWaterproof 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeAdhesive Film for Seamless UnderwearHot Melt Film for Seamless UnderwearBreathable 3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape0.1MM Eco-friendly Lycra Fabric TapeBlue EVA Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape3 Layer Breathable Seam Sealing TapeDecorative 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeFunctional 3 Layer Seam Sealing TapeGrey 0.3MM Special Seam Sealing TapeAdhesive Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeGood EVA Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeStrong bonding strength adhesive filmSeamless Decorative Film for ClothingProtective Clothing Seam Sealing TapeHot Melt Adhesive Film for Sportswear0.25MM Thickness Functional Seam TapeRed Color Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape20MM Width Non-woven Seam Saling TapeWhite Color One-way Stretch Seam Tape0.15MM Thickness Washable Zipper TapeOne-way Stretch Tape for Fitness SuitEco-friendly 3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape0.1MM Thickness Hot Melt Adhesive FilmHigh Elasticity Hot Melt Adhesive FilmLycra Fabric Tape for Waterproof Shoes0.16MM EVA Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape0.15MM Thickness Special Adhesive FilmEco-friendly and Hight Reflective FilmBlue Color Non-woven Seam Sealing Tape0.25MM Decorative 3 Layer Sealing Tape18MM Width Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeWhite Color Adhesive Lycra Fabric TapeSeam Sealing Tape for Outdoor BackpackSuper Thickness Hot Melt Adhesive Film0.1MM Thickness Waterproof Zipper TapeSnow White Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeSeam Sealing Tape for Military Uniform0.12MM Thickness Reflective Zipper Tape0.12MM Yellowing Hot Melt Adhesive FilmBlack One-way Stretch Seam Sealing TapeSpecialSeam Sealing Tape for Sportswear3Layer Seam Sealing Tape for SportswearHigh Reflective Film for Police Uniform0.12MM Thickness Decorative Zipper TapeWaterproof Seam Sealing Tape For JacketMedical Clothing Non-woven Sealing TapeTransparent Color Waterproof Zipper TapeGrey Color Resistant Plastic Dotted TapeOrdinary Light Absorbing Reflective FilmTPU Reflective Film for Outdoor Clothing0.05MM Sportswear Hot Melt Adhesive FilmStrong Adhesive and High Elasticity Film0.25MM Customized 3ply Seam Sealing TapeBlack Color Customized Seam Sealing Tape0.1MM Thickness Tape for Seamless PocketSpecial Lycra Fabric Tape for Sportswear0.25MM Breathable 3ply Seam Sealing TapePlastic-dotted Tape for Seamless Pockedt0.15MM Thickness Seamless Decorative FilmGrey Color Decorative Plastic-dotted Tape0.08MM Width Eco-friendly Reflective FilmLycra Fabric Tape for Protective Clothing0.08MM Width Adhesive Film for Sportswear0.15MM Washability Hot Melt Adhesive Film0.1MM Eco-friendly Hot Melt Adhesive FilmAntibacterial Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeTransparent Strong Adhesive Adhesive FilmTensile Strength Seamless Decorative Film0.05MM Double-side Hot Melt Adhesive FilmTransparent High Elasticity Adhesive Film0.12MM Thickness Eco-friendly Zipper Tape0.15MM Thickness Special Hot Melt AdhesiveTransparent Color Double-sid Adhesive FilmGrey Seamless Decorative Film for ClothingTransparent Color Eco-friendly Zipper Tape0.08MM Eco-friendly Hot Melt Adhesive Film0.15MM Thickness Special Lycra Fabric TapeOne-way Stretch Tape for Bicycling ClothingYellowing Resistance Hot Melt Adhesive FilmStrong Adhesive Non-woven Seam Sealing TapeWashable Resistance Seamless Decorative Film0.05MM Width Strong Adhesive Reflective FilmFilm for Transparent Car Interial Decoration0.08MM Width Light Absorbing Reflective FilmBlack Color Super Strong Plastic-dotted Tape0.15MM Thickness Eco-friendly Reflective Film0.15MM Thickness Super Waterproof Zipper Tape0.12MM Thickness Adhesive Film for SportswearOrdinary Reflective Film for Outdoor ClothingOrdinary Reflective Film with Strong Adhesive0.15MM Thickness Decorative Plastic-dotted Tape0.2MM Thickness Light Absorbing Reflective Film0.15MM Thickness Waterproof Plastic-dotted TapeTransparent Eco-friendly Hot Melt Adhesive Film0.12MM Thickness Seamless Pocked Decorative Film0.12Mm Thickness Seamless Pocket Decorative FilmStrong Tensile Strength Seamless Decorative Film0.1MM Thickness Super Strong Plastic-dotted Tape0.12MM Thickness Washable Seamless Decorative Film
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